February 1, 2015

Greg Winsper Interview (Part 3)

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They say that for any gig, half the battle is getting there...

The path to a rewarding and hopefully long lasting career in any field can be considered an uphill battle full of twists, turns, and obstacles. And in the music business, that path can seem daunting to say the least, but as probably every successful musician can tell you, you have to start somewhere.

In the following series of interviews, Feli will take you on an in depth look into the growing career of one his most accomplished students, Greg Winsper (THE LAWLESS FEW, REAGAN YOUTH). Having been on the road now for a few years now, touring all over the United States, Canada, and The UK with 80's punk icons, Reagan Youth, Greg shares his experiences, tips, and gives you an insight on how maintain perhaps the most important skill that any musician needs for their lives….balance. 

And take note, young drummers, enjoy, and remember, there is always something new to learn….


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