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Double Bass (ep3)

Double Bass Fills

Welcome to the 3rd lesson on double bass drumming! If you have missed any portion of this lesson series, please feel free to look back to the first 2 lessons before starting on this lesson. 

Now, if you feel comfortable playing double bass steadily in beats and in short note groupings, the next most useful method of playing double bass in with fills. Fills can often be challenging as they are designed to propel music forward but can provide a level of difficulty as they generally need to be called upon quickly and exited smoothly as well. In this lesson, Felipe shows you his most utilized, practical and powerful double bass fills that with some patience and creativity, you too will be able to get a lot of mileage out of these seemingly simple patterns. Once again, these exercises should be practiced with patience, focus, and a metronome for best results. 

And remember, these methods of practice and ideas are simply what have worked best for Feli in his playing and he continues to work on them regularly. Please feel free to send in any ideas of your own. We can learn a lot more by sharing our voices on the drums!

*These videos feature Feli's double bass in action with his new metal band, ZIRE'S WAR. \,,/

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