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Burn the Worm (cd)


Burn The Worm - Burn The Worm

This album is a collaboration built from the ashes of 2 former bands I had been in for a few years and marked a turning point in both my drumming and musical style. Meant to be listened to as one repeating piece of work, Burn The Worm is especially interesting as it was completely inspired by the instruments we were playing at the time. 
Ed Charreun on electric guitar, vocals and effects was writing in an alternate tuning mostly out necessary after having severely injuring his hand. We recorded this album in his house right up until it was demolished and rebuilt.
Rich Devletian on acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, effects was writing a lot on his new acoustic guitar and was very inspired by his electric light theremin and his laptop computer where we recorded everything to Protools. He worked in front of the screen so much, that for weeks he dreamt with image of a floating white rectangle.
Jonny Porto on electric bass and effects utilized a Boss Bass Effects Module for most of his recording to manipulate the sound in conjunction with everything from a felt bass pick to glass bottle. 
Felipe Torres on drums, percussion, and effects used a 70's Gretsch drum set in taxi cab yellow (8", 12", 14" toms, 18" bass, 5" Pearl Utracast Snare) and several effects cymbals including a 16" cracked crash/18" china stack played through a flanger effect guitar pedal. The main inspiration for the style of drumming was both to keep used sounds that were new, dark and spacey as well as keep a volume level so low that the voice could be heard without amplification.
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