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Charting (ep1)

Intro to Charting

Since the creation of the written language, humans have been able to share, learn, and grow as a culture. Music as a language is no different. Signs and symbols represent sounds, tones and even color when interpreted by the reader. Rhythm in particular, is a common musical aspect usually learned by ear, but as soon as a musician can learn to read rhythm, they can then learn so much more about music as well as share it with others. 

In this Intro To Charting lesson, Feli shows you his most detailed method of charting drums for songs that he is learning for an upcoming audition, using his "Chart Everything" Method. And even if you don't' read or are new to reading music, you will pick some insight into just how simple and practical chart writing can be. So grab a pencil and paper and check out this episode on charting music with Felipe, here on FTDRUM247.com! 

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