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Recording Drums (ep2)

Studio Recording 

Nothing can prepare you for that first listen of a song that will stay with you for your whole life. It's as though the walls pulse and the lights get brighter and what do you want to do? ...Tell someone! "Wow, this song is the best thing I have ever heard!"

And it's the perfect combination of the lyrics, the groove, the sound and then a bit of that extra magic or just the right timing that makes you feel connected to the song and, in particular, that recording of it, like nothing else.

This month on FTDRUM247.com we will take you into Ponderrosa Studios with AZIZA with the recording of their song "Living In Paradise" where you will see first hand the process of a live band working an full band, multi-track recording. From choosing the right equipment to what way to listen for while tracking, Feli takes you behind the drums and behind the speakers for a pro recording session that should provide you with a lot tips for your own recording and how you can nail the perfect track!



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