March 12, 2015


...and that means its almost time to come crawl out of the studio and out on the road!

 But, first, for those of you who have been following our latest series on RECORDING DRUMS, here is an exclusive Live-In-Studio performance by AZIZA playing "Living In Paradise" @ PonderRosa Studios

And if you want to see more in depth studio footage, check out Episode #1 on Home Recording or the newest episode coming soon on STUDIO PERCUSSION.

Also, for the drummers looking for some Practical Hand Technique ideas, we have just the series for you! From the practice pad to pit, check out Feli's stick work, focusing on power, finesse and consistency…LIVE and IN ACTION!

Speaking of live action, March is a very busy month for live gigs as well! From my subbing gig with the hard rocking Jersey City giants, BLACK WAIL (exclusive live footage available in the media section) to my my up coming gigs with ZIRE'S WAR and The David Cassidy Band, we are jam packed with footage right from the drum set!

Keep an eye out for lots of new live videos and check often for the Feli Road Journal, complete with interviews, live and back stage footage and much more, ONLY AVAILABLE @

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