February 28, 2015

ZIRE'S WAR... The first tour.

After months of writing and rehearsing,

the most metal band I have ever played with, ZIRE'S WAR, is ready to take the stage once again. This time for a few gigs in a row opening for veteran hard rockers, Diecast, Doyle, and even Biohazard.

We are very honored to share the bill with them and will do our best to play with as much energy and heart as we can muster, but be sure to catch us. These first gigs are very special to us as we will be starting in our own home area of New York, New Jersey, then out to our neighbors in Pittsburg and finally back to the band's home town of Long Island.

Our songs get stronger by the day and we as a band have never felt more excited to share our energy and musical power with all of our long time friends, supporters and hopefully a new audience as well. 

I will be doing a tour journal especially for this run and only available at FTDRUM247.com so look out for a special look from inside the ZIRE'S WAR camp. Joey Z., Joe LoCasto, John Fattoruso and myself, Felipe Torres, are proud to bring you new music from a new band of old friends.


We hope you join the war with us… Bring your body armor….\,,/


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