December 10, 2014

Nothing can prepare you for that first listen...


Nothing can prepare you for that first listen of a song that will stay with you for your whole life. It's as though the walls pulse and the lights get brighter and what do you want to do? ...Tell someone! "Wow, this song is the best thing I have ever heard!"

At least that's the way I feel when I hear a song that I love instantly. What makes me love it so much? The lyrics, the groove, the sound? Probably a perfect combination of all of them and then a bit of that extra magic or just the right timing that makes me feel connected to the song and, in particular, that recording of it like nothing else.

I keep that image of a perfect recording every time I go into the studio. No matter how simple or unofficial a recording is meant to be, I approach it with the hope that it will be enjoyed for a long time and capture something musically interesting.

From rehearsal, to demoing, to researching, even down to gear maintenance, it all requires a lot of preparation and work before the music is even recorded. And often times the drums are the first instrument to be recorded and will be the foundation for the song, even if the rest of it hasn't been written yet. I record with the final product in mind and strive to make the best musical decisions possible so that my drums can play a supportive roll to the song.

For example, here are 2 recently released songs where I recorded the drums and all the other instruments were recorded on top at a later time and labored over until the song was finished.

Alive by AG Berg: (Feli is on the final song titled "WARNING")

ZIRE'S WAR - WARRIOR: Felipe on the drums \,,/

This month on we will explore some of the time tested methods on recording a killer drum part and how the sometimes sterile environment of a recording studio can become a huge canvas on which to paint a musical piece you can be proud of. 


Thank for reading!

-Feli \,,/

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