December 2, 2014

Warm up and hit the Drums!

It's Getting Cold Out- Time to Warm Up and Hit The Drums!


This month on, we have continued our drum lessons and live videos with a focus on Preparing For Gigs. Many of the gigs I have had over the last few weeks have been challenging as the music has covered a broad spectrum of styles and level of playing has demanded a lot of focused energy. Both on my own and with my bands. 

As a drum teacher I often get asked what my role as a member of a band is and how I express myself on the drums. No matter what the style I feel it's my mission to support the song, the musicians, and to play with energy and confidence. Anything from a soft spoken ballad in a coffee house to a raging metal assault insuring a mosh pit, the backbone element of groove and power ring through. With lessons on double bass drumming and my first interview with my student Greg Winsper. A world touring drummer for the punk band Reagan Youth. This month I also continued to show you more and more ways you too can go from the practice room to the stage.

But that's not all! This month we also met some new faces that I will be touring with in the coming months: First, Joe Duraes and The Skills (a Rock band from The Hudson Valley Area) as they began playing along the east coast and appeared on the WHYT's "Westchester on the Level" program with radio host Hezi Aris 

Also this month, Feli introduced the new metal band ZIRE'S WAR fronted by Joey Z of Life Of Agony as they appeared at the Rock n'Shock Festival in Worcester, MA and were featured on Sirius XM Radio's Liquid Metal with Host Jose Mangin. Next month, we will be taking you behind the scenes as the band records music for their first album.

So stick around, grab your sticks and practice pad because we at are going to hit this winter right back with drumming fury! \,,/


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