October 7, 2014

October updates!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the second month of FTDRUM247.com!


We have many new videos, lessons, downloads, music, giveaways, and more coming your way. If you are new to site, please take look around…

We're hoping that you have taken the time to register and checked out what we have to offer. We launched this site on September 8th and the truth is we're only just getting started!

Last month, Feli took you through several of his gigs, a variety of lessons from beginners to advanced players, and we also officially opened the FTDRUM247.com store. This where you can find new music, DVD's, tour memorabilia, and online lessons.

This month Felipe will be focusing on the goal of "Getting a gig".  Taking members through the process of preparing for an audition and landing a gig.  This month we are also adding paid memberships. If you have logged in recently you've seen the option to upgrade before Wednesday, October 8th.  

With paid membership you will have full access to all new lessons, music, downloads as well as a full access to all previously released material. But that's not all, paid members will also receive:

  • Full access to interviews including our first addition to the Feli Vault- A Fully Exclusive and Uncut Interview with Feli's boss and bandmate of over 10 years, Davy Jones of The Monkees! (The Vault opens Friday October 10th)
  • 5% off all store items (Starting October 8th)
  • Entrance into the FTDRUM247.com monthly giveaway (Every Month!)
  • A monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with all of Feli's happenings (new band ZIRE'S WAR fronted by Joey Z of Life of Agony, release of The Felipe Torres Signature Ride Cymbal by Amedia Cymbals, and much more)
  • A Free digital download of Feli's movie DRUMMER:That's My Day Job (staring Carmine Appice, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Ian Froman, The Davy Jones Band) (Available as a FREE download on October 12th)

This is a site not only a place for the drummer in all of us, but a place we hope to turn into an international community for musicians and music fans of all ages to meet new people and connect through our love of music.

Sign up today, invite your friends, and we'll see you at all FTDRUM247.com!


-Felipe Torres & Drsmith

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