August 26, 2014

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Hi everyone and welcome to!

Your source for all things drumming and music, anytime, from anywhere!

Why anytime? Simple.

As of right now access is totally free. That means any time that you want to check out the drum lessons, songs, charts, forum, and much more, go for it! And let us know what else you would like to see more of. I will be filming brand new lessons every month based on that months' goal topic. But, once posted, you can always go back and review any previous materiel as well as download certain songs, charts, written lessons and all for free!

The progress of the site is entirely based on your feedback, so check in often let us know what you think. This is a community where anyone from a beginner looking for new lesson ideas to an advanced player looking to get their name out and get work, can meet, and make music happen. 

September will be our first month online with users so we are going to kick off our first official monthly goal!

Feli's Monthly Goal #1- Getting out and Playing:

I am recording all my gigs, sessions, auditions, rehearsals and a even behind the scenes look at the process of learning the music I working on and candid interviews with the bands themselves.  And look out for much more from all of my upcoming events, you can see on the calendar section. Here is a sneak preview of some upcoming events:

Wednesday August 27th- Valerie Broussard Band @ The Delancey in NYC 9pm featuring The Gong Show Ten

Monday September 1st- Robin DeLorenzo Band @ Greystone Hospital Morris Plains, NJ 1-3pm

Friday September 5th- Aziza @ Crossroads Garwood, NJ 10:30pm

Thursday October 9th- Gong Show @ The Cutting Room NYC 7:30pm

Friday October 17th- ZIRE'S WAR @ The Rock and Shock Festival in Massachusetts (Opening for Machine Head)

Saturday October 25th- In Musth performs as THIN LIZZY @ The Lampost Jersey City, NJ 11:20pm

Thursday October 30th- Valerie Broussard Band performs as Sly & The Family Stone @ Ella Lounge NYC

Saturday November 1st- A Thousand Mothers @ Spike Hill Brooklyn, NY 9pm


Stay tuned for more exclusive content only here on!



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