August 31, 2014

September 8th - Prepare for launch!

It's all coming together now… September 8th here we come! The official launch of!

Thank you everyone for your support and for signing up for our newsletter. You will be the first to hear about all of our new content, videos, and entered in to win a giveaway, so check back often.

 We have been shooting all sorts of lesson videos and behind the scenes footage to share with you and hope that you find them all both enjoyable and educational. As always, feel free to join the FORUM and make a your voice be heard. If you have a question, comment, idea, or just want to see what is new in the world of the community, look no further than our forum and make sure to leave your mark. We want to hear from you! 

In this first venture into FELI'S MONTHLY GOAL we will be exploring many ways to GET OUT AND PLAY. From your basement or garage, to out on the stadium stage and beyond. Learn first hand many of the trade tips and secrets that can benefit your drumming and help you to get onto the band stand.

This month's goal isn't just for beginners either. Whether you are a seasoned player or just a weekend warrior, getting out and playing music is like anything else: It Takes Practice and Hard Work. But, as you will see in this month's lessons, all you have to do to is go for it and keep your eyes and ears open. Every time out on the stage can be a learning experience, so join Feli and all the friends here on on our goal to GET OUT AND PLAY!!

Check back on September 8th to see all the lessons and content when it goes LIVE!!


-Feli \,,/



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