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Sept. Lesson (1/2)

How to Get Out & Play / Valerie Broussard Band

In this lesson, Feli takes you from his home studio out to rehearsal and on to his gig with The Vallerie Broussard Band. He shows you step by step his process in learning the music, charting the songs, as well as many pratical tips on how to get organized for a professional gig. This video features behind the scenes footage of Vallerie and the band (The Gong Show Ten Band) preparing for gigs they have in NYC and Philadelphia. 

For the continuation of this lesson, watch September Monthly Goal- Episode 2-2 for a look at the gig and a very informative interview with Valerie's Musical Director and Gong Show Ten Band leader Frank Pisani.

*Charts available upon request 

*For more music and info on Valerie Broussard please check: http://valeriebroussardmusic.com


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